Lisbon, I'm in Love

The whimsical, European "San Francisco" is often overshadowed by southern european giants like Barcelona and Florence.  Lisbon, however,  has all the makings of a great city -- great food, beautiful architecture and a complex history spanning several religions and governments that  have shaped the way the city is today.*

View of Lisbon, from the top Arco De Augusta

What Should I Do Here?

1. Walking tour:  Lisbon is one of those cities where you can feel the pulse, just by walking around. From the tilework to the ambling hills of this city, take some time to take in the city at your own pace.

  • Bairro Alto and Alfama were some of my favorite neighborhoods if you'd like to do a self-guided tour

  • If you find yourself in Bairro Alto, head over to the Time Out Market - a food hall with several of Lisbon's most famous style dishes

  • There are also several street markets, most notably the Feira da Ladra to check out.

  • If you're walking around at night, check out Pink Street for a notable pregame/nightlife area.

  • If you're staying in a hostel, there are usually free walking tours (tips only), so be on the look out for those.

Rue De Agusta - Entrance to the main square

Rue De Agusta - Entrance to the main square

2. Hang out in Rue De Augusta: One of the more traditionally tourist areas, there are a bunch to do in this area including climbing the Arco De Agusta for great (3 euro) views of the city. 

  • Check out Placà De Figueiro Dom Pedro Square

  • Santa Justa Lift - ProTip: There is an entry halfway up that all the locals take (don’t wait in line at the bottom of the tower - waste of time)

  • Eat a local joint by the Rossio Train Station - so local, I can't figure out the name, but here's a link on the map. Order the bifana or one of the dishes on the wall (not paper menu) for the cheaper local prices.

  • Take the Famous Yellow Trolley - use a tap card for a discount / “local fare”

  • Watch out - this area is the most touristy area, so I wouldn’t recommend eating by the water unless you want to pay $$. The same stuff goes for Portugal as Italy etc. Ask the price of everything because they could charge like 6x the price for the house wine etc. Also, the bread/ cheese whatever they bring the table won't be free.


3. Boogie on over to Belem: About 20 minutes away from downtown Lisbon, Belem was one of my favorite parts of the trip. You can get there by Tram, Bus or Train so just choose whichever is most convenient for you.

  • Start at the Mosteiro dos Jeronimos, Praca do Imperio. The monastery is an example of Portuguese Gothic 'Manueline' architectural style', Belem's monastery took over 40 years to complete.  The monastery is connected to a cathedral with free admission. To enter the monastery, however is around €8.

  • Wander over to the Pasteis de Belem (3 min walk), With a secret recipe, there are only a few people in the wold who know how to make these small, flavor packed, magical pastries.

  • If you’re hungry, stop at pao pao queijo queijo for some kebabs and other dishes. Clearly a local shop, you can get a full meal for less than €8. If you’re feeling something a bit fancier, you can eat at the artisanal burger place next door.  Both places have outdoor seating where you can just chill and bask in the sun.  

  • From there, make your way to the Padrao dos Descobrimentos. This cool giant sundial statue thing by the water.

  • Keep walking and you’ll find yourself at Belem tower. Beautiful at sunset and at night. Get there half an hour before close for admission. Check their website for summer/winter hours. 

Prince Edward Park

Prince Edward Park

4. Snack with a view 

  • Lisbon is home to many parks with beautiful views overlooking the city.  

  • Miradoura de sao pedro de alcantara - Though a bit of a hike, this park offers one of the best panoramic views overlooking the city. 

  • Edward VII Park (Parque Eduardo VII) - This park was my absolute favorite. With a sprawling maze like architecture, this place is a great place to bring a snack(or smuggle a drink) and people watch.

View from the easternmost point in Europe.

View from the easternmost point in Europe.

5. Head on out

  • People going to Libson also go to beaches just outside the city (half day trip ), Sintra (day trip), Porto (overnight), and sometimes Lagos (overnight). A lot of people I met also went to Spain (madrid/barcelona/granada).

*See: islamic rule, catholic rule, dictatorship under Salazar (inspiration for Salazar Slytherin in Harry Potter and more).  But seriously, take a look at Lisbon’s wiki page.